• Ph.D. candidate and Carnegie Mellon University and Instituto Superior Técnico

  • Researcher and Member of the Board of Directors from IN+ center for Innovation, Technology, and Policy research

  • External expert for European Commission, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs


Academic citations



Presentations and talks

Granular coordination: leveraging domestic industry in the age of global value chains (Book)

We develop a framework for how nations can strategically align all of the policy tools at their disposal to ensure access to critical supplies during crises, and make strategic investments in industrial bases during non -crises. (Co-authorship with Nikhil Kalathil)

Winner of the University of Cambridge, Babbage Policy Awards (Prize: $10.000)

National and Sub-National Policy for Domestic Manufacturing Flexibility: A Policy Framework to Incentivize Flexibility Based on Lessons from the COVID-19 Medical Supply Response. (Co-authorship with Nikhil Kalathil)


Erica R.H. Fuchs
Professor, Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
Director, National Network for Critical Technology Assessment. (Project leads from 13 leading Tier I Research universities)
Director, Moonshot, National Technology Strategy: Critical Technologies, Supply Chains, and Infrastructure

Joana Mendonça
Associate professor at the Engineering and Management Department (DEG) at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)
President of Portugal’s National Innovation Agency

M. Granger Morgan
Hamerschlag University Professor of Engineering & Public Policy
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Heinz College
Co-Director, Center for Climate and Energy Decision Making Co-Director, Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry

All of the research I conduct is done under the supervision and guidance of all of my three advisors. The views presented in this website are strictly mine, as any error that might exist.